NOTE! – Emergency appointments are ONLY for patients who are:

  • In pain
  • Have a condition that may deteriorate significantly if not treated as an emergency. Examples: Swelling, bleeding after extraction, temporary crown or filling, crown or bridge fallen has out or off, or a broken denture.

In an emergency appointment, we will try to get you out of pain, provide immediately necessary treatment and then probably ask you to see your own dentist for an appointment to assess what permanent treatment which will be needed to sort your problem out.

Please understand that you will have to wait your turn as we see patients on a first come, first served basis– except in cases of young children or those medically compromised.

If you arrive in our emergency hours, you will be seen however long it takes.

Each of our dentists takes one turn a week seeing emergencies – so you may not see your own dentist.

The cost is £22.70, unless you are in an open, current, course of treatment in which case you will not be charged. An open course of treatment means one that has not yet been closed on the computer ready for sending to the Dental Practice Board.

For an assessment and prescription you will be charged as NHS band 4.  You will have to go to the chemist to obtain the drugs.

If further treatment is required, which is often the case, the emergency dentist will refer you back to your own dentist for more treatment. It will be for your own dentist to diagnose and determine what treatment needs to be done. How many appointments this will take will only be decided after your examination with your own dentist. You will only be given a written treatment plan once you have had the appointment with your own dentist for any necessary treatment.

If you are not one of our regular patients, you can return to your own practice or make an appointment as a new patient with us.

Emergencies can start before or after the time allotted due to the clinical environment we operate in. If you leave the premises and your name is called, you will lose your place in the queue. It is incumbent on you to be alert to staff calling your name.

Emergency Clinic Hours

Monday to Friday 2.00pm – 2.45pm
Saturday 10.00am – 10.45am